INTEGRATION – russischer Döner mit Kartoffelsalat

Sonorous and acoustic! Liza Kos and Vladimir Andrienko
Second International Theatre Festival “Klein aber Fein”
Comedy, Cabaret and Music!
INTEGRATION – Russian Döner with the potato salad
With the Sweet Rakhat Lukum Taste

On Sunday 24, 2022 at 19:00 this remarkable performance took place. But I would like to commence my narration in the reverse chronological order of these 120 plus minutes. It was very interesting and knowledgeable to communicate with Liza Kos and Vladimir Andrienko at their après le spectacle press conference. To learn their life stories, integration experiences. The biographies, with which many people in the audience, I suppose, could connect to. Liza told about the dialogues with her son, Vladimir narrated stories of his family tree, when it was blooming in the former USSR. Spanning the wide geography of the Soviet Union, this duet of the artistic personalities made the distances between North Rhine-Westphalia, Moscow and Kazakhstan melt on Witten stage. It was a very humorous, friendly, nostalgic composition. One, of course, can call it “the stand-up” comedy, or the sitcom. But personally for me it was more, than simply that. These were touching stories of two people, with whom I shared a little bit of the common past. A little bit of common geography.

The guitar lyrics and melodies played by Liza were very humorous, embroidered with the good taste and excellent rhymes.

Vladimir’s monologues evoked the best possible associations conceivable in the comedy genre. Turkish styled monologues by Liza Kos also gave a very special Anatolian flavourful aura to the whole performance.

And applying Vladimir’s tag line I would like to say, that Liza Kos and Vladimir Andrienko were much more, than simply “akustisch gehört” – acoustically heard. They were hearkened to through their performance! And heard with the heart, with understanding, with smiles and ovations!

And, Liza, thank You very much for Your prompting in the joke about the sandwich (das belegtes Brötchen). Your mimics helped me to realize the difference “geleckt – gelegt”. ...Highly Esteemed Theatre Goers, if You are learning German language, the performance by Liza Kos and Vladimir Andrienko would be also a very useful educational experience for You! Make sure You don’t miss it!!!

It was a lovely and humorous chord in concluding the Second International Theater Festival "Klein Aber Fein", which took place at the Teater A Parte at Witten. At the Annenstrasse 20 A (58453 Witten).

I would like to express my wholehearted sincere gratitude to the organizers and participants of this charmingly wonderful Thespian extravaganza in Witten, in North Rhine-Westphalia.

I was very glad to be Your guest. And do sincerely hope to see Your performances many more times again in the future!

Thank You very much!

Sincerely Thespianly Yours,

Pinkhas-Petr Friesen